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Criminal Law in East Lansing, MI


When you have been charged with a felony, you need an attorney that will take the charge as seriously as you do. Attorney Ben Hall leverages his experience of nearly 10 years as a police officer and working as a prosecutor to keep innocent or wrongfully charged people from going to prison. Attorney Hall knows how police and the prosecution thinks and how they act. When you are charged with any crime, but especially a felony, you want Attorney Hall to be fighting for you!


Just because misdemeanors have lower consequences than felonies does not mean that you should fight them alone. Quite often, police, prosecutors, judges, and even attorneys treat misdemeanor charges as if they are not important. Yet, for the person charged, a misdemeanor conviction can have long-lasting consequences. It is never advisable to handle any misdemeanor alone. Ben Hall Law, can help with any misdemeanor charges throughout Michigan.


Operating While Intoxicated charges are relatively common in Michigan. These charges can have long-term effects on your life, and you need an experienced attorney to help you with this process. Ben Hall Law, is here for you.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge not only affects you immediately, but it can affect you for years to come. It also has unique effects on your family life. You need an attorney to not only fight these charges but also explain the wide-ranging effects of this type of charge.

White-Collar Crime

White-collar crime charges often involve large sums of money. They might also involve federal authorities too. These charges are serious, and you need an attorney with unique experience in white-collar crime to help. Contact Ben Hall Law, for more information or to schedule an appointment with our team.

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