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As a former Michigan police officer, Ben Hall knows law enforcement’s role is enforcing laws, maintaining public order, and managing public safety. This includes investigating, apprehending, and detaining individuals suspected of criminal offenses.

We also know that officers face immense pressure from their command, internal affairs, prosecutors, and the public, even when they do the right thing. It’s even worse when, in those small percentage of cases, their actions cross the line.

In today’s social climate, Michigan police officers are under intense scrutiny. They are being subjected to investigations, arrests, and severe charges for placing their lives on the line to protect the public. In the majority of the cases, the officers did nothing wrong.

In Michigan, 588 separate law enforcement agencies employ approximately 17,000 officers. It is our honor to represent any of the exceptional men and women who work tirelessly to protect our communities.

If you are a Michigan police officer who has been involved in a critical incident, is being investigated, or has been arrested and charged with a crime, contact your former brother-in-blue, Ben Hall, who understands the responsibilities, challenges, and protocols of being a cop so you have one of your own fighting for your best interests.

At Ben Hall Law, your freedom and future are our priority.

Police Officer Defense Lawyer in East Lansing

Ben Hall Law Specializes in Law Enforcement Defense Strategies

When representing those who have dedicated their lives to public service, we take pride in ensuring the details of their cases are precisely outlined. Our committed police defense lawyers in Michigan know that your personal and professional integrity, career, and future rely on obtaining absolute vindication. That is why we are here.

As a former Michigan police officer, Ben Hall knows law enforcement’s role is enforcing laws, maintaining public order, and managing public safety. In today’s social climate, Michigan police officers are under intense scrutiny and face immense pressure from their command, internal affairs, prosecutors, and the public. Now more than ever, police officers are being subjected to investigations, arrests, severe charges, and prison time for simply doing their job the way they are trained to do it. Occasionally, a police officer oversteps their authority and violates the law. However, the vast majority of cases are police officers just doing their job, and politics put them in the crosshairs.

Our skilled Michigan police officer defense attorneys represent law enforcement officials of all ranks working in all jurisdictions throughout Michigan, including:

  • State, counties, cities, townships, and villages.
  • Airports, railways, and parks.
  • Tribal areas.
  • Universities, community colleges, and public schools.

No matter the charges law enforcement faces, our skilled police defense attorneys will relentlessly represent your best interests in cases involving:

  • Abuse of Authority.
  • Assault.
  • Corruption, Bribery, and Police officer Behavior.
  • Discrimination and Racial Profiling.
  • Drug Crimes.
  • Excessive Use of Force, including Failing to Intervene.
  • Extortion.
  • Intimidation.
  • Manslaughter and Murder
  • Neglect of Duty.
  • Perjury.
  • Police Officer Misconduct/Misconduct in Office.
  • Sexual Assault.
  • Theft or Embezzlement.
  • Wrongful Death.

At Ben Hall Law, we understand how the Michigan judicial system works and can accurately anticipate the prosecutor’s next moves. We use our insider knowledge to outline the various pressures and influences the state is enduring from the public, state, and federal agencies and use this in-depth awareness to strategize our defenses based on our firsthand experience of how the system works behind the scenes.

Contact our Michigan police officer defense attorneys today to learn how we can help you confidently face your charges so you can take back control of your life.

Are There Any Specific Legal Protections for Police Officers in Michigan?

Police officers charged with a crime in Michigan are generally subject to the same protections as any other individuals facing criminal charges. Police officers, like all individuals, have the same constitutional rights, including the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and protection against self-incrimination. They have the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

However, there are some factors and considerations that may be relevant when a police officer is charged with a crime in Michigan:

  • Union Representation

Police officers may have representation from police unions or associations, which can provide legal support and assistance in navigating criminal and internal proceedings.

  • Internal Affairs Investigations

In addition to the criminal justice process, police departments may conduct internal investigations to determine whether the officer violated department policies or codes of conduct. These internal investigations can result in disciplinary actions separate from criminal charges.

  • Qualified Immunity

Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that can protect government officials, including police officers, from civil liability for actions taken during their duties. However, qualified immunity does not shield officers from criminal prosecution.

  • Garrity Rights

Just because you are a police officer doesn’t mean you give up your right to remain silent. You are the suspect when you are involved in a critical incident or subject to a criminal investigation. That means you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you, you have a right to an attorney and to have that attorney present before and during any questioning, and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you.

As a public employee, your command can compel you to give a statement. If they do, they must advise you of your Garrity rights, which means they are ordering you to provide a statement under the threat of discipline. Those two conditions must be met to have Garrity protection. Protection under Garrity means that you have to provide a truthful statement for employment purposes, but the statement cannot be disclosed to criminal investigators, it cannot be used against you in a criminal proceeding, and you retain your right to remain silent. Garrity is extremely important, and it takes a skilled attorney to know how to navigate the intricacies to protect you.

If you are a police officer involved in a critical incident, being investigated, or being charged with a crime in Michigan, it is crucial to obtain legal representation immediately to ensure your rights are protected from the start of your case. We understand your role as a cop in Michigan and want to help protect your livelihood.

Contact our law enforcement defense attorneys in Michigan today to get the help you need.

Trusted Michigan Police Officer Defense Attorneys Who See the Judicial System Differently

At Ben Hall Law, we are more than police officer defense lawyers in Michigan. We are police officer advocates. Our law firm builds each case as if it were going to go to trial — and win — from day one.

If you are a police officer being investigated for a crime or have already been arrested and charged with a crime, invoke your rights immediately and contact our trusted legal defense team in Michigan to discuss your case with trusted professionals who believe in you and your case by calling 877-236-4255 or contacting us online.

Your fight is our fight. Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Police Officer Defense Attorneys in Michigan

What are some common strategies for defending police officers in Michigan?

All charges against law enforcement are unique to the individual and must be outlined with a customized strategic approach to producing positive results. That means something different for everyone. However, generally speaking, common defense strategies may include demonstrating that the officer’s actions were reasonable, adhered to department policies, and were taken in the performance of their official duties.

How can police officers ensure they receive a thorough legal defense in Michigan?

Seeking experienced legal counsel is crucial. Officers should also cooperate with their attorneys and the necessary protocols, provide all relevant information to support their case and follow their attorney’s guidance throughout the legal process.

Can police officers assert self-defense as a defense in Michigan?

Police officers, like anyone else, can assert self-defense if they reasonably believe they or others were in imminent danger of severe injury or death.

Does the media impact a police officer’s ability to receive a fair trial?

Cases involving police officers can attract significant public and media attention, influencing the legal and public relations strategies of all parties involved. It is our duty, as trusted Michigan police officer defense attorneys, to ensure our clients receive a fair trialIn some cases, the media’s influence may lead to a change of venue, where the trial is moved to a different location to secure a more impartial jury.

Can body cameras and video evidence help build a solid law enforcement defense strategy?

Body cameras or video evidence can be a critical factor in cases involving police officers, as they can provide a clear record of events. This evidence can impact the case’s defense and will be used in our client’s favor and all applicable evidence to build a robust legal strategy.