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Our East Lansing criminal defense lawyer at Ben Hall Law knows Michigan’s Habitual Offender Law significantly impacts criminal cases and sentencing for repeat offenders.

This law allows for enhanced penalties for individuals who have prior felony convictions and are subsequently convicted of new felony offenses. The goal is to deter repeat offenses by imposing stricter punishments on those with a criminal history in Michigan.

Habitual Offender Law Impact Criminal Cases and Sentencing for Repeat Offenders

What are the Key Provisions of the Habitual Offender Law in Michigan?

The law mandates increased sentences for offenders with previous felony convictions. The severity of the enhancement depends on the number of prior felony convictions.

The enhancements are tiered based on the number of prior felony convictions, and may include:

  • Second Offense

If an individual has one prior felony conviction, the maximum sentence for the new felony can be increased by up to 1.5 times the original maximum sentence.

  • Third Offense

If an individual has two prior felony convictions, the maximum sentence for the new felony can be increased by up to twice the original maximum sentence.

  • Fourth or Subsequent Offense

If an individual has three or more prior felony convictions, the maximum sentence for the new felony can be increased by up to life imprisonment or any term of years.

While the law provides for enhanced sentencing, judges have some discretion in determining the extent of the sentence enhancement based on the circumstances of the case and the offender’s criminal history.

Certain offenses may carry mandatory minimum sentences, which can be further enhanced under the habitual offender provisions. For the most severe repeat offenders—those with three or more prior felonies—life imprisonment can be imposed even if the new felony would not typically carry such a severe penalty.

If you have been convicted of one or more felonies (or attempts to commit felonies), you could potentially face sentencing as a “habitual offender” in the future. If you suspect that you may be at risk for an extended sentence or have already been notified of habitual offender status, it is crucial that you seek legal representation immediately.

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