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“I had an excellent experience with this law office. Ben Hall was able to handle my situation promptly and thoroughly, I was thankful we were able to avoided the hassle of going to court. I was looking for housing and if that isn’t an overwhelming task in itself, once I found a place that had vacancies they did not want to allow my support dog and the lady responsible for processing my application began sending me in circles and improperly handled the application process. It was to the point I didn’t think I was going to get housing when I contacted Ben Hall. He dove right in and explained to me the process and options and he guided me how to proceed and also contacted the housing development and let them know what their options were and how this was going to go if they continued to unjustly process my application… I received housing promptly with no further issues! So thankful for this option to pay such a minimal fee to have a lawyer in your corner and build a relationship with them. In a world were nothing is for sure it is a comfort to have such ease of access with this law office.”