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Our Ingham County criminal defense attorneys were a former Michigan law enforcement officer, prosecutor’s office attorney, and Marines who know the value of civil servantry and hard work.

We also know that while law enforcement officers are tasked with upholding the law, they are not immune to being accused of criminal offenses. When they are, they have the same legal rights as any other citizens, and we are here to help uphold them.

With vast experience on the streets, both sides of the courtroom, and the battlefield, our skilled East Lansing defense lawyers’ dedication to producing positive results for our clients is unmatched. That includes defending Michigan law enforcement when they have been arrested for any crime.

Criminal Defense for Police Officer

Why a Michigan Police Officer May Need a Criminal Defense Attorney After Being Arrested

It is important to note that even as a former or active member of Michigan’s city, county, or state police who knows how the system works, partnering with a dedicated criminal defense team immediately after an arrest can help mitigate these charges’ impact on your public, private, and professional integrity.

Here is how our skilled East Lansing criminal defense attorneys can help:

  • Protection of Rights

Like any other individual, police officers have Constitutional Rights, including the right to remain silent and seek legal representation. Our defense attorneys can further protect the officer’s rights throughout the legal process to ensure they receive fair treatment.

  • Investigation

Our dedicated criminal defense attorneys in East Lansing will conduct an independent investigation to gather evidence and build a strong defense. This may involve challenging the prosecution’s evidence or identifying misconduct or procedural errors.

  • Courtroom Advocacy

Partnering with a skilled defense attorney is essential for effective courtroom advocacy. We can present a compelling case providing specialized knowledge and analysis that supports the defense, cross-examine witnesses, and make legal arguments to protect the interests of the accused officer.

  • Negotiation Skills

Our defense attorneys can negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of the police officer to potentially reach a plea deal or secure reduced charges. This negotiation process can be crucial in achieving a favorable outcome. In case of a conviction, we can work to mitigate the consequences, including seeking a lenient sentence or exploring alternatives like probation or diversion programs.

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