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Ben Hall Law, a former Michigan police officer, brings a unique perspective to his role as a criminal defense lawyer in East Lansing. He understands that law enforcement’s duty is to enforce laws, maintain public order, and manage public safety, which often involves investigating, apprehending, and detaining individuals suspected of criminal offenses.

At Ben Hall Law, we recognize the immense pressure that officers face from their command, internal affairs, prosecutors, and the public, even when they act in accordance with the law. Our firm is committed to helping fellow officers demonstrate that their actions align with departmental guidelines, allowing them to return to their duties.

Ben Hall Law Will Conduct a Thorough Investigation into the Allegations

Ben Hall Law Will Conduct a Thorough Investigation into the Allegations

Our dedicated Michigan police officer defense lawyer will meticulously and comprehensively review all aspects of the case, leaving no stone unturned. This includes police reports, witness statements, and evidence collected during the investigation. We will obtain any available video footage, including body camera or dashcam recordings, to compare against the officer’s reports and statements.

Because Ben is a former Michigan police officer, he needs little time to familiarize himself with the specific police department’s policies and procedures, including the protocols for arrests, searches, use of force, and evidence handling. This will allow our law firm to leverage departmental policies, which can expedite the review process compared to attorneys who do not have first-hand police work experience and help officers get back to work doing the jobs they love.

Our attorney will construct a straightforward, cohesive narrative that aligns with the officer’s actions and departmental guidelines, demonstrating how the actions were justified and necessary within the scope of their duties. By doing so, we can effectively advocate for our client’s rights and work towards achieving a favorable outcome in the case.

If the prosecutor deems it necessary to proceed with criminal charges, our law firm will customize the police officer’s defense strategy to pursue the best outcome for their unique charges. We were once in your shoes and know what you are going through. We want to help.

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