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Matt Nagel

Matt Nagel


Matt enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1997 and retired in October 2017. Matt is a veteran of the War Against Terrorism and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as advisor to the Afghan National Army in 2009 and 2010 and served on exchange with the British Royal Marine Commandos from 2013 through 2016 where he trained both British and Dutch Marines in Mountain and Arctic Warfare.

Matt earned an associate and a bachelor’s degree in legal studies while he was active duty from what is today Purdue Global University. Matt was offered a scholarship to attend Michigan State University College of Law in 2018. While a student of MSU Law, Matt studied with the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute, was a member of the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity, and assisted in the establishment of the MSU Law Student Veterans of America student organization. He graduated in May 2021 and today, Matt is a proud Spartan Lawyer.

As attorney-at-law, Matt serves the greater Michigan community representing clients in cases involving OWI, domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct, and offenses causing death. Additionally, Matt assists clients with expungement applications and represents clients with traffic matters that result in civil infractions or traffic misdemeanors. Matt is a trial lawyer, comfortable in the courtroom, and a zealous advocate. As a student of American history, Matt believes no person should be for want of legal representation or fair trial in a free country.