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At Ben Hall Law, our East Lansing criminal defense lawyers know that most people facing felony charges in Michigan may be ordered to post bail as a condition of their release.

After an arrest, the individual — formally known as the defendant — will be brought before a judge for an arraignment, typically scheduled 24 to 48 hours after the arrest. At the arraignment, the defendant will be informed of the charges against them, and the judge will then set bail and a date for the next hearing.

From there, there are five ways to post bail and get out of jail.

How Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail in MI

What are the Different Ways to Post Bail in Michigan?

While an attorney is not required to represent you before posting bail, having legal representation at your arraignment can help you understand the charges and your rights and responsibilities after being released.

One of the first ways to solidify your release from jail is through a Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond. You may qualify for a PR bond if you were arrested for a nonviolent crime and do not have a criminal record. Instead of posting bail, you sign a document promising to appear at all court hearings.

The other forms of bond in Michigan include:

  • Cash Bond

With a cash bond, you or a co-signer submit the entire bail amount in cash.

This type of bond is generally used for misdemeanor crimes where the bond amount is less than $5,000. If you appear at all scheduled court hearings, the cash is returned at the end of the case, less court fees and other court costs.

  • Ten Percent Cash Deposit

This type of bond requires that ten percent of its value be deposited at the jail to secure release. For example, a $10,000 10% bond would require $1,000 in cash deposited at the jail.

  • Surety Bond

A surety bond in Michigan guarantees that a defendant will appear in court. These typically involve a third party, like a bail bondsman or bonds agency, ensuring the defendant’s appearance. The defendant or their representative will pay a non-refundable premium, typically 10% of the bail amount, to the bail bondsperson.

  • Property Bond

A property bond in Michigan guarantees that a defendant will appear in court as ordered. The defendant or their representative uses real estate as collateral to secure their release from custody. The property’s value must be close to the amount required as bail.

What is the Best Option to Get Released from Jail in Michigan?

Often, the best way to secure your release from jail is to partner with a skilled criminal defense lawyer in East Lansing who can present your best option to the court: releasing you without bail.

Our defense attorney will implore the judge to release you on your recognizance by explaining your obligations — including your employment, ties to the community, criminal history, and respect for the judicial system.

If you cannot be released on your recognizance, you must consider one of the other bail options. We can help you determine which option is right for you and facilitate the process so you can be released as soon as possible.

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